The core of the NODE collection is the node element as an expression of the strong connection between mother and daughter. Handbags are designed so that they can be worn by both mother and daughter, or have their "small" variant. The family bond is underlined by hair leathers available in bright and soft colors, variability, functionality and play with the possibility of changing volumes.
The timeless LACRIMA with a decorative knot has become an iconic and at the same time the best-selling product of the ETHER brand. The luxurious elegant envelope can be transformed into a crossbody handbag thanks to the included strap. The designer herself often returns to it and renews it, changes it or expands a number of these handbags. Add a little extravagance to your outfit - life is too short to wear boring things.
photo: Jaroslav Bouma, Miroslav Machek

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