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The inspiration for the collection called SOLUM, from the Latin expression Solum - "basis, essence", is a return to the roots. The morphology is based on basic geometric shapes - circle - ROTA, cube - IMO MINI, block - IMO MAXI, IMO MIDI, and cylinder - TUBUS. The Solum collection contrasts monochrome minimalism with a rebellious touch in the form of distinctive forging. The whole concept of accessories follows the most significant product of Ether - the Trigon clutch, which is based on a triangle.

photo: Miroslav Machek



solum rtw

The inspiration for the ready-to-wear collection called SOLUM, from the Latin term Solum - "basis, essence", are iconic and timeless pieces that none of us does not lack in the wardrobe, and which we all love. Denim jacket, biker jacket, suit jacket, hoodie, t-shirt or shirt. In the SOLUM collection, they are transformed in the form of a material game and presented in other contexts and various styles. Together, they give space to creation regardless of seasonality and respect the requirement of sustainability. It means that part of this collection is a biker jacket made of cashmere wool with long hair, a hoodie dress made of silk or a denim jacket made of leather. The whole collection of clothes is accompanied, as with accessories, by a light touch of punk, which is the opposite of natural materials, timeless silhouettes and monochromatic looks.

photo: Daniel Chomistek, model: Tereza Kašparová (SAXX models & production), muah: Pavel Bauer, video: Anežka Horová, gloves: Engelmüller



The Nova collection is based on the redesign of the Trigon clutch, which with its minimalist style and at the same time distinctive shape has become one of the bestsellers of the Ether brand. Match - Snatch - Go is its principle. We enriched it with sports leather straps with replaceable shoulder pads in various colors or metal chains. Large opening rings are used instead of classic carabiners fastening. All elements - straps, shoulder pads and carabiners can be purchased separately and freely combined.
photo: Miroslav Machek



nova rtw

The NOVA capsule collection consists of timeless, universal and well-combinable basic wardrobe elements - skirts, everyday and evening dresses, summer overalls, sweatshirts, leather pants, trench coats, coats and tulle turtlenecks, which fulfill the function of underwear and peek out of outerwear. The collection combines urban elegance with modern sports details and covers the main season's circulation with seven summer and four winter outfits. The dominant graphic element of the collection is a wavy line, which contrasts with the cubist geometric shape of the Trigon clutch, which was given a new face on the occasion of the launch of the collection.
photo: Miroslav Machek, model: Veronika Mísařová (Elite Model Management)





Minimalism, functionality and first-class design. These are the mottos representing the all-leather SIDUS backpack. Minimalist design in the form of an imaginary "origami" game with the overall morphology of a backpack, the body of which consists of only one part. Therefore used leather must be selected with the maximum care.

The SIDUS backpack is available in four sizes and takes on many forms using different types of leather. So this line consists of Sidus Maxi - for a 16' laptop, Sidus Midi - for a 14' laptop, Sidus Mini - for a tablet and finally Sidus Micro - for a mobile phone. There is an organized interior with a padded tablet compartment, a leather zip pocket and an internal organizer for bottles and keys. Reinforced back, bottom and padded shoulder straps with adjustable length are here for your maximum comfort.

photo: Miroslav Machek


icon rtw

The women's and men's ready-to-wear collection called ICON is designed to underline its versatility and make the Sidus backpack stand out. The collection therefore includes "iconic pieces of wardrobes", which none of us can do without - little black dress, white unisex shirts, wool bomber, long evening dresses or cashmere coat, as well as a T-shirt and sweatshirt - all complemented by one of the types of backpacks. Ripples, ruffles and also significant applications from fringes appear in the details. The materials used are mostly natural such as wool, silk and of course leather.
photo: Eliška Kyselková, model: Andrea Hrnčířová, model: Ihar Danilčanka, muah: Tereza Fuchsová



The unexpected shape inspiration of the Alia collection became the pillow, and its "corners". The constant development and search for the purest shape gave rise to four shape-innovative handbags Trigon, Nona, Aurora and Stella. Thanks to the combination of geometric design, perfect workmanship and the highest quality leather, they are timeless and go in line with the idea of ​​sustainability of the clothing industry. Handbags from this collection will never make you bored and a great example is the Trigon clutch, which is one of the most successful ETHER products.
foto: Jiří Hroník


alia rtw

The Alia capsule clothing collection goes hand in hand with handbags from this line. It contrasts the geometric shapes of the accessories with the round and "fluid" shaping of the garments. Another dominant element of this collection are quality fine materials processed in the most precise way. The Alia ready-to-wear collection is very variable. You can create by using right accessories the evening look from daily look.
photo: Anna Kovačič, model: Kateřina Skýpalová, muah: Eva Svobodová


ITINERÆ from the Latin term "path, line" embodies sophistication and attention to detail. The unmistakable handwriting of the brand started the imaginary journey of Ether. The main principle is the variability of each product. You can move, unclip, and change individual belts. Combined with high-quality leathers and honest workmanship, they add comfort to any woman on any occasion. And if that's not enough for you, you also have the opportunity to make a belt out of the strap!
photo: Jiří Hroník



The core of the NODE collection is the node element as an expression of the strong connection between mother and daughter. Handbags are designed so that they can be worn by both mother and daughter, or have their "small" variant. The family bond is underlined by hair leathers available in bright and soft colors, variability, functionality and play with the possibility of changing volumes.
The timeless LACRIMA with a decorative knot has become an iconic and at the same time the best-selling product of the ETHER brand. The luxurious elegant envelope can be transformed into a crossbody handbag thanks to the included strap. The designer herself often returns to it and renews it, changes it or expands a number of these handbags. Add a little extravagance to your outfit - life is too short to wear boring things.
photo: Jaroslav Bouma, Miroslav Machek

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