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We collaborated with Contiqua to create a design for a collection of men's wallets.

Contiqua is a brand that saves quality materials that industrial production can no longer use, and invents new, meaningful products from them. In this case, it is salvaged residual skin from furniture production.

Ether adheres to the principles of sustainability and creates a minimalist timeless design. Our designed wallets really don't go out of fashion in a year.

  • ether x contiqua classic wallet
  • ether x contiqua classic wallet
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ether x contiqua classic wallet

CZK 2 880

black and beige classic
ultra-thin wallet
black tanned leather
beige tanned leather
blue tanned leather
8 pockets for credit cards
2 hidden compartments
space for banknotes (CZK, $, €)
embossed logo
height 93 mm
width 108 mm
depth 11 mm

made in Czech Republic

delivery and shipping
The products we have on stock will be delivered in 5 - 7 working days.
If we produce directly for you, the delivery time is 4 - 7 weeks.

Free delivery for the EU for orders over € 400
For delivery outside the EU, please contact us.
More information here.
Temporarily we accept only payments by bank transfer. We are currently working on other direct payment methods. Thank you for understanding.
Proper care is important.
Use only a damp cloth, or a preparation for a hydrating agent for cowhide.
Store in a dry place, out of the reach sunlight and extreme temperatures and in a protective bag. More info here.


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